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6 Dice Games for Math That Are Simple and Fun (+FREEBIE)

Dice Games for Math

Want a quick and easy way to instantly make math more fun for your students? Give them some dice. Seriously – the simplest math activity becomes 100x more fun when dice are involved. Fortunately, there are so many ways to use dice in the math classroom for various concepts. Today I’m sharing with you 6 of my favorite dice games for math.

Math Dice Games for 2nd Grade

1. Make That Number


Make that Number is a simple dice game to practice addition and subtraction. All you need is 2 or 3 dice and a list of numbers 0-12 (for 2 dice) or 0-18 (for 3 dice).

Students will roll the dice and add or subtract their numbers together. If they are using 3 dice, they can add one number and subtract the other. They will then find their total on their number chart and mark it off. Students take turns doing this until all the numbers have been marked off.

Because students may choose to add or subtract, there are multiple answers they can get each time. If the first answer they arrive at has already been marked off the chart, they will need to try to find a different solution. If all possible solutions have been marked off, then the student loses their turn. The winner is whoever has marked off more numbers at the end of the game.

You can also try using this game with multiplication and division, however the number chart will need to be adjusted accordingly.

2. Roll & Write Number Sentences


This is a simple dice game for math that is ideal for younger students. Students will roll 2 or more dice and write a number sentence from the resulting numbers. If desired, you may also have students write the other sentences in the fact family for extra practice.

3. S.N.A.K.E.


For this math dice game, the teacher needs two dice and each student needs a piece of paper. The teacher will roll the dice and students will add the numbers together. After each roll, students have the option of “going out” of the round and keeping their score, or staying in and adding to their score. If they choose to stay in, they will add the next roll to their score. However, if TWO ONES are rolled, all students still in the game lose ALL their points for the round.

The round ends when either all students have gone out or two ones are rolled. Students will add together their score for the round before starting the next round. A total of 5 rounds is played, and whoever scores the most TOTAL points between all 5 rounds wins.

For older students, try playing this game with multiplication instead of addition.

4. Pig


This dice game for math is great for younger students to practice counting or adding to 100. For this game, students will need 2 dice and a piece of paper or hundred chart. Students should play this game with a partner or small group. The student will roll the die, add the numbers together, and add the sum to their total score. This continues until they roll two ones. The student will then pass the dice to the next person who does the same. This continues until one student reaches a score of 100 or more.

Students may keep track of their score on a piece of paper or a hundred chart. Alternatively, you could have all students playing independently and play as a race to 100 instead.

5. Comparing Numbers


If you’re working on place value, students can use dice to practice comparing numbers. Students will play this game in pairs, and each should have the same number of dice as digits you are working with (3 dice for 3 digit numbers, etc.). Each student will roll their dice, then arrange them to make the largest possible number. Students will then compare their number to their partner’s, writing down each number with the correct comparison symbol in between.

6. Roll and Add/Multiply


Possibly the simplest of all these dice games for math is great for practicing addition or multiplication facts. Simply roll two dice and add or multiply them together! Use 8, 10, or even 12-sided dice to practice with larger numbers. Students can play with a partner where both roll and compare their totals. Whoever has the larger total gets a point. Repeat for a certain number of rounds or until time is up.

Printable Dice Activities for Math

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Card and Dice Games for Math

Dice games for math are fun and versatile, but so are card games! Decks of playing cards are another staple for a math classroom and can be used in a variety of ways. Need some ideas? Check out this post about 7 math games using playing cards.

How do you use dice in your classroom?

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