Classroom Reward Coupons – Chevron Pattern


Need a new classroom incentive? These classroom reward coupons are sure to do the trick! Easy to use and student approved! Resource includes 15 rewards in color and black & white versions.


Need a new classroom incentive? These classroom reward coupons are sure to do the trick! Easy to use and student approved!

This download includes:

  • 15 pages of pre-made colorful classroom reward coupons
  • 15 pages of pre-made B&W classroom reward coupons


*Note: These coupons are also included in the Behavior Management Bundle which includes more classroom management resources. If you wish to purchase the bundle instead, click here.*

The rewards chosen involve no prep or cost for the teacher to implement! No additional work is involved on your part beyond printing and cutting the coupons. Coupons include:

  • Teacher Helper
  • Bring a Toy to Class
  • Bring a Stuffed Animal to Class
  • Extra Technology Time
  • Free Choice Center
  • Lunch With the Teacher
  • Shoes Off
  • Seat Swap
  • Homework Pass
  • Line Leader
  • Show & Tell
  • Use a Pen
  • Wear a Hat
  • Pick Your Partner
  • Chew Gum


If you have ideas for more coupons to add in the future, please feel free to contact me!

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